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    ZLPG series Traditional Chinese medicine extract purposed spray Drying machine

    Main feature:

    ● using a three-level air purification, so that the hot air into the system to achieve million purification requirements. The use of air cleaning and jacket cooling double protection device, reducing the product sticky wall, coking and moisture absorption phenomenon, to ensure product quality and recovery rate. 
    ● The unique product delivery system will dry the finished product and the hot and humid air in the system in time to avoid the dry product to avoid the possibility of secondary moisture absorption or agglomeration. 
    ● Special hot air distribution design to solve the traditional Chinese medicine drying process is easy to produce sticky wall, overheating and moisture absorption problems, so that the process of drying the wet bulb temperature control within the allowable range of materials. 
    ● all welds are polished, all right angles are used arc over, the design and processing are in line with GMP.


    This series spray drying machine is mainly used for drying of various traditional Chinese medicine extraction, animal extraction, plant extraction, medicine processing, food, health care products, condiments, biological products and other heat-sensitive materials.


    Project / model ZLPG-6 ZLPG-12.5 ZLPG-25 ZLPG-100 ZLPG-150 ZLPG-200 ZLPG-300 ZLPG-500
    Water evaporation (kg / h) 6 12.5 25 100 150 200 300 500
    Intake temperature ℃ 220
    Material Solid content (%) 18-45
    Finished product moisture content (%) 3-5
    Heating method Steam + electricity
    Installed electrical power (kw) 6 12 18 66 102 132 194 322
    Steam consumption (kg / h) 10 20 55 220 330 440 660 110
    Receiving method Level 1 Cyclone Dust Collector + (Level 2 Cyclone) + (Wet Dust Collector) Configured according to Material Requirement
    Tower diameter (m) φ1.4 φ1.8 φ2.2 φ3.2 φ3.7 φ4.2 φ4.8 φ5.6
    Automatic control instrument Inlet temperature, outlet temperature, tower negative pressure display, automatic adjustment temperature controller.


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