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    WF-180B/320A type absorbs the dust tiny masticator set

    ※ This machine is applicable to make professions, such as medicine, chemical engineering and food...etc., is the new generation which smashes and absorbs the dust as integral whole to smash an equipments.

    ※ This machine is the hammer type high-speed masticator, material from anticipate to was transported by helix the pole get in to smash room, is revolved by the high speed of hammer son the shot is ground, but is smashed, smashing a good material to revolve a function of leaving the mental exertion unexpectedly, getting in to catch to gather bag automatically, dust from absorb a dust box to was filtered by calico sack to recover. That machine press "GMP"s standard a design, all using a stainless steel material manufacturing, have no dust to float in the sky in the production line, and can raise the utilization of material, decline low cost, currently already international advanced level.

    Technical parameters

    type Produce an  ability

    Enter to anticipate

    a grain of degree
    Smash a thin degree Smash
    electrical engineering
    Send to
    electrical engineering
    Absorb dust
    Masticator shape size
    Vacuum shape
    WF-130 5-30Kg/h ≤1mm 100-350 1.1kw 0.18kw 1.5kw 880×550×1350(mm) 500×500×1200(mm) 320kg
    WF180B 30-120Kg/h ≤1mm 100-350 2.2kw 0.18kw 1.5kw 880x 550×1350(mm) 500×500×1200(mm) 320kg
    WF320A 100-300Kg/h ≤5mm 100-450 7.5kw 0.18kw 3kw 1100600×1600(mm) 550×500×1200(mm) 450kg
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