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    JG Series Air Stream Drier

    ※ This drier is suitable for the raw materials that contain more moisture and appear paste and other raw materials that can not be dried with other drying methods, For example, Copolymer of vinyl acetatend chloroethylene, cellulose acetate, catalyst, C,M,C, CT-1 resin, burnt plaster ,electrolytic manganese eioxide, anthraquinone ammonium sulfonate, fluor, diatomaceous, silica gel catalyst, born powder, potassium perchlorate sulfonamide, synthesis resin, active gluten, active argil, chemical filter cake, titanium dioxide, decanedioic acid, copper sulphate, aluminum sulphate, sodium suphate, calxium phosphate,starch, dyestuff, calcium citrate coalearth, cement, aluminum hydroxide, ferricoxide, orgamic fuel, maize albumen feed, mica powder, medicine, dyestuff, paper feed, mica powder, medicine, dyestuff, paper pulp of potassium perchromate, lees residue and so on.

    ※ Air drier can remove moisture from the xurface of raw materials of granule or powder that are easy to dehydrate ,under the air of drying, the quality of finished products can be controlled to the best state because of raw material can stay here in a short time, The drier of our factory is developed on the basis of basic type to add a reinforced device of stepless speed exchange, When the humidity and pushing of rotating knives ,the surface of raw material is broken to fine granule, It moves onto the same time of drying, Finally it enters into humidity and heavy granule that is not absorbed by air is broken and dried continuously till entering the drying pipe.

    Technical parameters

    type Moisture to be evaporated(calculated with the surfxce moisture)  power(kw) Area to be occupied(m2) height(m)
    JG 50 50 10 20 9
    JG 100 100 20 32 11
    JG 200 200 31 40 11
    JG 250 250 32 64 13
    JG 500 500 54 96 13
    JG 1000 1000 135 120 15
    JG 1500 1500 175 200 16
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