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    XSG series revolving flash Drying machine


    Is the company in the introduction and absorption of foreign advanced technology on the basis of self-developed a new type of drying equipment, the aircraft advanced technology, reasonable design, high health level, product quality is good. In a device drying, crushing, screening once completed, to eliminate environmental pollution, machine performance to the international advanced technology. XSG flash drying machine has the original bearing induction cooling (water cooling), designed with oil pump connection oil lubrication, cooling bearings, sealing device performance, in the spindle design using semi-ring, the motor using speed motor, smooth transmission, Noise is small, the service life is 10 times the same product.

    Main feature:

    ● air purification system using three filters and configure the high temperature and high efficiency, purification level up to 100,000 level. 
    ● all welds are polished, all right angles are used arc over, 
    ● Equipment appearance are made of stainless steel welding, all contact with the material are used mirror polishing, the design and processing are in line with GMP equipment requirements. 
    ● All connections are made of quick-loading structure, easy to disassemble and clean, no health dead ends.


    This series of flash Drying machine is mainly used in medicine intermediates, food, health products, spices, dyes, pigments, biological products and other industries in the filter cake or paste material drying.

    Technical Parameters:

    Model model
    XSG-2 XSG-4 XSG-6 XSG-8 XSG-10 XSG-12 XSG-16 XSG-20
    Host ID ID of main machine (mm)
    200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1600 2000
    Air volume air amount (m3 / h)
    350-500 1150-2000 2450-4500 4450-7550 7000-12500 10000-18000 18000-30500 50000-78000
    Moisture moisture (kg / h)
    12-17 40-70 80-150 150-250 230-420 300-600 600-1000 1000-1500
    Maximum installed capacity max equipped capacity (kw)
    10 20 40 65 90 1 35 270 430
    Maximum height max high (m)
    4.0 4.8 5.8 6.4 7.1 7.8 8.5 10.1
    Area occupied area (m2)
    15 20 28 35 40 52 80 150

    Note: 1, water evaporation is the temperature of 180 ℃, the air temperature of 80 ℃ when the evaporation of water per hour. 
    2, in addition to the above models can be designed for users. 
    3, the above installed capacity for the standard matching, according to the different requirements of materials can be significantly reduced.

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