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    YPG series Pressure Spray granulation Drying machine

    Working principle:

    The air enters the heater through the filter, exchanges hot air into the hot air distributor at the top of the drying chamber, and the air is evenly rotated into the drying chamber. The liquid is filtered and pumped from the high pressure to the nozzle located in the middle of the drying chamber. The material is physically soiled, so that the surface area of ??the liquid material is greatly increased, and the hot air meets in contact, so that the water evaporates rapidly. In a very short time Drying of Granules Most of the finished product is collected by the bottom of the tower at the outlet, and the exhaust gas is discharged from the exhaust fan.


    ● fast drying, especially for heat-sensitive materials. 
    ● The product is spherical particles, uniform material, fluidity, good solubility. Product high purity, good quality. 
    ● Use a wide range, can be hot air drying, granulation, can also be used for spray concentration, spray crystal, spray reaction. 
    ● can be equipped with fine powder to send back, and then wet agglomeration system to meet the user's material size requirements. The use of mixed-pressure dry granulation, the user can adjust the size of their products according to their needs, to adjust the amount of liquid spray and nozzle diameter and liquid concentration or appropriate process of processing additives to achieve the required particle size requirements. 
    ● The machine is usually used for solid content of 40-70% of the liquid for spray, one-time to become a granular product, most of the materials collected by the spray dried products no longer need to be crushed and screened, both to simplify the production Technological process , But also reduces the production process to ensure the purity of finished products. 
    ● After drying the product has good dispersion, mobility and solubility, for the product size, feeding density and water within a certain range, change the operating conditions, can be adjusted, production management sequence of operation convenience.


    This series spray drying machine is mainly used in chemical, metallurgy, electronics, ceramics, mining, pesticides, dyes, pigments, detergents, waste water treatment and other industries in a variety of emulsions, suspensions, pastes and aqueous materials dry.

    Technical Parameters:

    Project / model
    YPG-6 YPG-12.5 YPG-25 YPG-50 YPG-65 YPG-100 YPG-200 YPG-300 YPG-500 YPG-800 YPG-1000 YPG-2000 YPG-3000
    Water evaporation (kg / h)
    6 12.5 25 50 65 100 200 300 500 800 1000 1200 3000
    Spray form
    Low pressure pressure spray
    Spray pressure (mpa)
    DYP series 0.6-4.0 (PLP series 2.5-15)
    Tower diameter (mm)
    1540 1750 2200 3000 3200 4200 4700 5400 5600 5800 6200 6800 7500
    Height of tower body (mm)
    5200 6300 7650 9400 9400 11250 14500 15850 16000 18000 18500 20000 23000
    Land length (mm)
    3000 3800 5000 5400 5600 9000 10000 13000 15000 17000 17500 17500 2000
    Area width (mm)
    2000 2750 4200 4700 4900 6500 7000 8500 10000 12000 12500 13000 17500
    Note: The amount of water evaporation and material properties, including solid and hot air import and export temperature.

    Technological process:

    Heating method:

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