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    Spray dryer in the dairy industry development and use


    Milk production in China's milk production accounts for about 80% of the total dairy production, because milk powder is easy to store and transport. In the milk powder production process, the drying section is one of the most important aspects of milk powder production, only the drying process to evaporate the amount of water is almost to produce the quality of milk powder. In general, the production process of the product determines the production equipment and control system of the product, but the application of advanced equipment and control system can also change the production process of the product. The application of spray dryer in milk powder production is a typical example.

    The Development of Spray Dryer in Dairy Industry Production

    Spray dryer in 1901 for the first time for the production of milk powder industry, in the 20th century, 20 years was really used for the production of milk powder industry, the late 1940s began to use in our country. The earliest structure is the pressure box type (horizontal), the material atomization for the two-fluid type, power consumption. In 1958, the Ministry of Light Industry in Heilongjiang Province to promote small-scale pressure spray drying method of production of milk powder, 1955 Harbin Songhua River milk mill for the first time with centrifugal spray method to produce milk powder. These two forms of spray dryer were flat structure at the time, the powder is intermittent, every time a work of a manual powder.

    In the mid-1960s, the box-type pressure drying equipment appeared in the cone-shaped belt spiral powder (stirring dragon) structure. The first vertical multi-nozzle pressure spray dryer was born in the early 1970s, and its appearance reduced the effective volume of the spray dryer by nearly half, and did not stir the dragon, continuous powder. In the 1980s, the production of a single nozzle vertical pressure spray dryer, its application in the milk powder industry is to promote China's milk powder industry, a key step in technological progress, in order to promote the rapid development of China's milk powder industry laid the foundation.

    Spray drying process is the material from the pump to the spray dryer, the atomizer will be dispersed into small droplets; air heated into the drying chamber and mixed with the fog, contact; complete the drying process, the dried product by separation After storage or put into use directly. The milk powder produced by the spray drying method is a uniform powder product, without drying, jelly, crushing and other process, can be directly packaged as finished products, so that the milk powder production process to achieve the mechanization, continuous and large, and because The surface temperature of the material is not too high and improve the quality of milk products, so spray dryer in the milk powder industry production has played a huge role, and there is a growing trend of dry water. But the spray drying is a high energy consumption process, and because of the high quality of the product after drying, the wet content can not fluctuate greatly, it is required to dry temperature and other operating parameters for strict control, so the correct selection of spray dryer and operation and control Reasonable design of the system to ensure product quality, energy saving is essential, not only to promote and promote China's dairy industry scientific and technological progress and development and make due contributions, but also to promote and promote the technological progress and development of other industries, for The motherland's economic take-off to make greater contributions.

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