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    The gap between China 's spray drying equipment and abroad


    With the rapid and rapid development of China's economy, the demand for new drying technology is increasing. However, the overall technical level is still lagging behind in the current progress of drying technology in China. It is difficult to meet the needs of related industries due to economic development and products Optimize the structure and new product development needs. Most of our pharmaceutical, biochemical, fine chemical and other industries on the easy oxidation of raw materials and organic solvents containing the dry material production, still using vacuum entrained heating operation mode of production.

    The innovative application of air-jet spray drying equipment nitrogen for the transmission heat transfer medium, while the use of closed-loop technology, combined with air-jet spray drying continuous production, the maximum solution to the organic solvent containing liquid materials, and easy to melt easily difficult technology Problem, at the same time in the continuous drying process, the use of condensing cooling technology to achieve the recovery of organic solvents, to achieve industrial production on the basis of emission reduction, showing the use of resources to maximize the recycling economy.

    Over the years, the domestic drying equipment processing means, processing equipment also take the more traditional handmade, spray drying equipment still has many deficiencies. Experts believe that, in order to shorten the gap with foreign countries, China only from the equipment of the intelligent, processing means, processing quality and other aspects to be improved.

    I learned that Changzhou Changjiang Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. Spray Dryer technology refers to the spray method, so that the material in the droplet state dispersed in the hot air, the material and hot gas full contact in the moment to complete the heat transfer and mass transfer process, So that the solvent quickly evaporated into gas, to achieve the purpose of drying. The technology can save evaporation, crystallization, separation and crushing and other unit operations, continuous, automated production, stable operation. Using this drying method, gas-solid two-phase contact surface area, drying time is short, usually 5 to 30 seconds, suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials. Drying products have good performance, smaller available particles, good product flow and good solubility. But still has some shortcomings, that is, the size of the dryer, low heat transfer coefficient, resulting in low thermal efficiency, power consumption.

    The future development of the spray dryer will be in the depth of the study of drying mechanism and material drying characteristics, to master the optimal operation of different materials conditions, the development and improvement of spray dryer. In addition, large-scale, high strength, high economy, and improve the adaptability of raw materials and product quality, spray dryer is the basic trend of development. At the same time, the development of spray dryer should also pay attention to the comprehensive utilization of energy saving and energy, as well as the development of dryer automatic control technology to ensure the optimal operating conditions.

    The pharmaceutical industry and the general production industry is different from the requirements in all aspects will be more harsh. For the production enterprises, the choice of production equipment, etc. must also meet a lot of standards and requirements. Also for the relevant drug spray drying equipment requirements are also very harsh.

    According to industry insiders said that in order to achieve the production standards, pharmaceutical companies in the choice of spray drying equipment need to pay close attention to the following questions:

    First of all, in the purchase of pharmaceutical spray dryer, you must consider whether it will cause pollution of the production of goods and other issues, all materials and hot air contact with the place must be made of stainless steel, in order not to contaminate the goods, The grade of stainless steel used should also meet the pH (PH) requirements of pharmaceutical materials.

    Second, in the purchase of pharmaceutical spray dryer, you must consider whether it can meet the production requirements for the quality of health. In actual production, it is required that the tower air needs to be cleaned before it can be used. In addition, the operating state of the drying tower should be kept in the state of micro-positive pressure. The finished product is output at the bottom of the drying tower cone and is then finished in the clean room.

    Third, the question to be considered is whether to meet the requirements for environmental protection. As a manufacturer, this is also an important aspect of the use of special spray dryer when the enterprise should also be equipped with the appropriate dust removal equipment, so as to achieve the exhaust emission concentration standards.

    Finally, the pharmaceutical spray dryer, you must ensure that the device has a good sealing effect, will not bring new sources of pollution, and the inner wall to ensure smooth and smooth, the structure should also be simplified, easy to clean, reliable operation.

    With the development of the national economy, people demand for material quality improvement, for many products not only require its dry, but also on the final product color, smell, taste, complex solution performance (cold or instant), vitamin retention rate Made a higher demand for some of the total yield of precious drugs is also very harsh. Therefore, spray drying equipment enterprises in the R & D and production, according to market demand, and constantly promote technological innovation, to produce products meet the requirements. In addition, with the human attention to environmental protection, improve the spray dryer environmental protection measures to reduce the leakage of dust and waste, etc., will also be the need for in-depth study of the direction.

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